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jsFind is a powerful set of tools and scripts for adding a search engine to a CDROM archive or catalog without requiring the user to install anything. The only caveat is that the user of the index must be using a current browser, i.e. Mozilla, Netscape, IE.

Most CDROM distributable archives and catalogs that have a search engine, require an installation of an executable program. Usually this makes the CDROM specific to one OS or rarely two. The goal of this project is the creation of a search engine which doesn't require an installation, is standards-compliant, and platform independent.

The majority of the tool set is for creating the index data. The search engine itself is a small piece of JavaScript (1.2 with level 2 DOM). It is easily customizable to fit into a current set of HTML. This JavaScript searches an XML index dataset for the appropriate links, and can filter and sort the results. Most of the effort in constructing a search engine for an archive is in creating this XML dataset, these scripts are written in Perl.

If your data will be stored on a server, then other indexing options are better. Try
swish-e for example.