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SWISH-E is a fast, powerful, flexible, free, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other files. See the article How to Index Anything by Josh Rabinowitz in the Linux Journal for more information.

Key features

  • Quickly index a large number of documents in different formats including text, HTML, and XML
  • Use "filters" to index other types of files such as PDF, gzip, or Postscript.
  • Includes a web spider for indexing remote documents over HTTP. Follows Robots Exclusion Rules (including META tags).?
  • Can use an external program to supply documents to Swish-e, such as an advanced spider for your web server or a program to read and format records from a relational database.
  • Document "properties" (some subset of the source document, usually defined as a META or XML elements) may be stored in the index and returned with search results
  • Document summaries can be returned with each search
  • Word stemming, soundex, metaphone, and double-metaphone indexing for ``fuzzy'' searching
  • Phrase searching and wildcard searching
  • Limit searches to HTML links
  • Use powerful Regular Expressions to select documents for indexing or exclusion
  • Easily limit searches to parts or all of your web site
  • Results can be sorted by relevance or by any number of properties in ascending or descending order
  • Limit searches to parts of documents such as certain HTML tags (META, TITLE, comments, etc.) or to XML elements.
  • Can report structural errors in your XML and HTML documents
  • Index file is portable between platforms.
  • A Swish-e library is provided to allow embedding Swish-e into your applications for very fast searching. A Perl module is available that provides a standard API for accessing Swish-e.
  • Includes example search script with context summaries and search term and phrase highlighting. Can be used with popular Perl templating systems.
  • Swish-e is fast.
  • It's open source and FREE! You can customize Swish-e and you can contribute your fancy new features to the project.
  • Supported by on-line user and developer groups

Further information about SWISH-E is available at http://www.swish-e.org/.